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  • Returns can be made within 30 days of delivery.
  • Return shipping isn’t free unless you’re returning because of a QVC error.
  • Exchanges are available for all items.
  • Damaged or defective merchandise can be returned.

Time Restrictions

You can return QVC items within 30 days from delivery.

Cost of Shipping

QVC doesn’t refund original shipping costs or Q Return Label fees for for returns. If the item is defective or a QVC error, you’ll be refunded the original shipping cost and the Q Return Label fee.

Exchange Options

QVC accepts exchanges within 30 days of delivery, but you’ll be charged the Q Return Label fee.

Damaged or Defective Merchandise

It’s free to return because of a QVC error or because you received a defective item. You’ll receive credit to your credit card immediately at processing.

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